DIY Mining party favor kits! Set of 8!

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This listing is for our Perler bead mining party favor kit. You get 8 perler bead kits. Each kit comes individually bagged with a small peg board, pattern, perler beads to make the pattern, and ironing paper.

These are super simple to make and the kids love them! Are you looking for an activity for a birthday party? This is a great one! You place the beads down on the peg board just like the pattern, put the ironing paper over the beads once the pattern is completed, then iron over the ironing paper for a few seconds. The beads will start to melt together. Once the beads are melted together, lift the paper up and let the creation cool off. Once cooled you are done :-)

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** Please note: Please have an adult iron the creations for you!**